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Lahore Valuation Rate List [DC + FBR] 2017-18 [Print Edition]

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2017  With Update Release!

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New edition 2018-19


Table of Contents

Lahore Urban Rate List

Data Gunjh Buksh Town داتا گنج بخش ٹاون

  • Statistics 4
  • Town’s List 6

Shalimar Town شالیمار ٹاون

  • Statistics 17
  • Town’s List 19

Ravi Town راوی ٹاون

  • Statistics 26
  • Town’s List 28

Samanabad Town سمن آباد ٹاون

  • Statistics 40
  • Town’s List 43

Allama Iqbal Town علامہ اقبال ٹاون

  • Statistics 51
  • Town’s List 54

Aziz Bhatti Town عزیز بھٹی ٹاون

  • Statistics 71
  • Town’s List 73

Gulberg Town گلبرگ ٹاون

  • Statistics 79
  • Town’s List 81

Nishter Town نشتر ٹاون

  • Statistics 88
  • Town’s List 90

Wagha Town واہگہ   ٹاون

  • Statistics 112
  • Town’s List 114

What You Will Learn?

  • Top-ten residential and commercial elite localities within the territorial limitation of each town of Lahore district.
  • Overall trend across the Lahore district.
  • Govt. rates for the residential and commercial properties.
  • Lahore’s territorial limitation and distribution into towns and their respective localities.
  • Cost Estimation for transferring the property i.e. Govt. Taxation.
  • Examine the District’s overall condition, nature and comparing localities.
  • Find out the economical, moderate and prime areas that best fit within your budget.
  • Govt. property valuation for the purpose of Income Tax and/or other taxation.
  • اسٹیٹ ایجنٹس، سٹیمپ وینڈر، وثیقہ نویس، انویسٹرز، لوکل کمیشن ایڈووکیٹس, انکم ٹیکس ریٹرن کے لئے
  • پہلی مرتبہ ایک ساتھ
  • ایف بی آر اور ڈی سی کی مشترکہ فہرست 2017


  • All rates in single PDF file at your fingertip.
  • Navigate easily to any area you required.
  • Clarity, simplicity, easiness and readability.
  • Index
  • Footnote
  • Page numbering and Serial Numbering
  • Tape Binding
  • ٹاؤل کے اہم ترین اعداد و شمار یعنی ٹاؤن میں ایلیٹ علاقوں کی فہرست

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Property tariff for 2017-18, falling within Urban Lahore


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